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SMS? – Too expensive and with too few functions. All this, the popular short message service WhatsApp much better with its multiple functions and is also free. But few users know what useful functions WhatsApp offers. Here some features are really practical and not difficult to use. What are the example. And where to hide this and how to set them, briefly summarized in the article.

WhatsApp functions – tips and tricks in brief overview

The best phone with Wi-Fi: If abroad a wireless connection, so you should use it immediately because you can save so via the mobile phone bill expensive roaming costs. Without wireless calls go otherwise be borne by the data volume of the mobile phone contract.

Disable if not displayed as online or: Usually you can see in WhatsApp, when the respective user was last online. That’s pretty questionable privacy issue. But this setting can exhibit under “Settings Account Privacy”.

Take uncheck read receipt: Who would not like if the other reader indicates that the message is read. The can also exhibit this more or less useful information function. And also find under “Settings Account Privacy”, just a little further down under “read receipt”. Here just take the check mark. The disadvantage of disabling the function, however, by other is no longer displayed if the own sent messages were read. Eben entirely fair.

Set alerts releases: Who often leads group chats, which is repeatedly drawn attention to messages in the minutes. This can be quite annoying. Under “Settings notifications” can take care of it but. Targeted group can be made ​​silently alerts and other communications remain unaffected here.

Chats archive: Many chats? Since you can quickly lose the overview. But there is a remedy. One has to be able to the possibility Chats archive with WhatsApp. Archived Chats disappear from the chat overview and can be brought again into the soundtrack when needed. To archive a chat, press this long and then the selection menu appears.

Account- number change: Under “Settings” and “Account” can change the current phone number. This is especially important if you want to move with WhatsApp, while the existing license and saved messages not want to lose.

Your location report: Is the GPS tracking enabled in your smartphone and you would like to let you know the other, where you are straight, so you can find within the chat feature on the paperclip icon to select location.

Of course there are many other useful features. On whatsapp.com you find this even more information. For example, can be changed even notification sounds or the color of alert lamp. The settings are found under Notifications.

WhatsApp – The mean, the checkmark

Even the popular WhatsApp Messenger there is the interesting function that indicates whether a sent message has been read or not. Provide information while the check mark. Of which there are at least two. But for many is not clear that checkmark actually means something. Here, the second hook says nothing about whether or not a message has been read. Important here is the blue color of the hooks. And what does it mean when there is only one catch? The answers here in the article briefly summarized.

WhatsApp message indicates only one catch

The first gray hook informed that the message with the servers has arrived from WhatsApp. And the second?

WhatsApp message shows two hooks on but no blue color

Follows the first hook a second, then it means that the message has arrived on the smartphone the recipient. However, but two gray hook does not mean that the message has been read. This is often mistakenly assumed.

WhatsApp message indicates blue hook

Only when the two gray hooks are blue, this means that the message has been read, or at least the recipient was here and saw the news. But WhatsApp is based on asynchronous communication. As with e-mail is also here, the recipient has seen the message, but does not have to have read and reads and responds to them later.

Again summarize:

1 gray hook: message was sent to the WhatsApp server.
2 gray hook: message has arrived on the smartphone the recipient.
2 blue checkmark: message has been read.

Checkmark Group News incidentally function after the same principle. However, the check mark will be here only blue when they were read by all participants. It may therefore very well be that some participants have already read the message.

But those who do not now want other users to see if the message has been read or not, which can be read function also disable.

Disable Blue Hook: So klappts

It is now also possible to disable the blue hooks or the Read function. To this end, a brief guide:

– On the Menu icon and then go to Settings
– Thereafter on account and on Privacy
– Here simply remove the check in the “read receipts”

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