7 tips to avoid mistakes when buying a gift online

Whether for the end of year holidays or a birthday, it is tempting to save some time by not running the errands by making purchases on the internet or buying gifts online in India. However, one should take some precautions and knowing a few tricks before hand avoids disappointments.

Unlike shops and street traders, online shops does not allow you to recover the purchase immediately or to make a return by simply making at the merchant. Here are some tips if you are new or would like to reassure you while shopping on the web.
Online shopping india
1. Compare the right way …

Just as in traditional shop one need to compare prices before buying to make sure you make the best deal. For the same purchase, pricing on the most known stores and also using search engines or price comparison engines helps.

At this point, remember that all our tests and buying guides offer a price comparison, a good solution for our input on a product and find out where to buy it.

Pay Attention also to shipping, it is sometimes more interesting to pay more for a product with reduced costs included or ports. It is also possible that the best prices are not found on the internet. For more expensive purchases and to earn a few tens or hundreds of euros for large products, check prices in traditional stores through a phone call.

2. Choose the best and reliable sites

It is always tempting to secure its purchase by choosing a site storefront. But when a product is available in many stores and if the price is more interesting on third party sites, but little known, you have to be a little more wary.

Legal Notice

Check that the website disclaimer, if available (usually by a small link at the bottom of each page) and that they contain the address of the seller. This will be used in case of dispute. To go further, look for reviews on the internet or test the responsiveness of the customer service using the form or the contact number on the pretext of wanting confirmation of product availability.

3. Check the delivery time

Whether for Christmas or a birthday gift to offer must be available and in stock. But beware also the delivery times advertised on the product page within 24 or 48 announced will not always respected.

Indeed, the time may increase if the site provides additional days to prepare the order or if the fastest delivery method is excessively expensive. Check these points in the exact terms of preparation and delivery, also generally available at the bottom of each page.

4. Return Policy and guarantee

When a purchase is made by Internet or by mail, you have, without exception, an ability to return without reason a product that does not suit you. The law provides for a period of at least 14 days and exceptions are listed on the dedicated page of the site

Make sure the site does well in the page status conditions of sale and if the return costs are supported, important when bulky or heavy packages. On the other hand, you may prefer a site that offers a longer time to return.

5. Keep receipts

Once the order is placed, all sites send you several confirmations: account creation, order confirmation, payment confirmation, setting preparation or shipping, and even information on the progress of the delivery.

Tracking control

Please keep these emails in your inbox to receive the package. Upon receipt, store the bill eventually sent by email. When this is not the case, it is in your account.

6. Secure payment

The average consumers most common and most convenient payment on the web is credit cards. But he is not alone. Transfer or check solutions exist if you are not pressed for time.

The card remains in favor with some precautions, either by the trader or through a third party than the Paypal service.

7. Anticipate the aftermarket

Finally, the receipt of your package does not mean you should lower your vigilance. Check the condition of the package you received if delivered by hand by the carrier without delay and check its contents. In case of problems, contact the website to make a return or a claim, after a certain period it will not be admissible.

As it is not always possible to put out a product directly to use, anticipate a possible return as collateral. Keep the transport packaging and product packaging when you can afford it. Moreover, the original box can allow easier resale on the used market.

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